Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rina Young Jewelry is on the web...

"Inspired by both the tenacity and
forgiveness of metal, I craft my work
using form to expose the inherent
sculptural process. The next step is the
use of texture to create the final
balance of the work."

For twenty-one years, Rina S. Young has
designed and created jewelry, finding
inspiration in the materials with which she
works. Young is fascinated with the linear
qualities of metal and the ability of metal
to transform from generic solid object to
individual form through the will of the
imagination (and some well used tools).

Interested in biology and natural
processes, Young was inspired to
translate the seeming randomness of
nature into forms that speak about the
world in which she lives. She found the
perfect bridge in the symmetries of nature,
which are the geometric building blocks
upon which design is based.